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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote in Favor of Article 9 to Approve Design of Traffic Light in Center


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I am supporting Article 9, to approve the design of an ornamental traffic light at the intersection of Main Street and Boston Road and will vote Yes to make the Town Common a safer place to walk, drive and bike. It will also make it easier for motorists to navigate through the Main Street and Boston Road intersection by more effectively balancing the flow of traffic as it passes through the Common.

By using an ornamental style lighting (post color, style and fixtures), the Westford Center Historic District’s character would be complemented. Although it may be hard to accept, Westford is no longer the rural town it once was.  We have done a great job keeping commercial properties on Route 110, but the grid-lock of cars polluting the Common, the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the streets needs to be addressed.

Why is the light being brought up now?  It was the best option (of three) that was recommended by the 2014 Northern Middlesex Council on Government Parking and Safety Study, and because the light can be installed for far less money now than at any time in the future. More recent traffic studies at the Common show daytime averages of over 1,000 vehicles per hour; 2,000 vehicles per hour in peak morning and evening hours and 22,000 vehicles per day, which is a huge sign of growth.  It’s time to think more seriously about traffic control, in addition to pedestrian safety along Main Street and for all of us to use common sense.

Why wait for a serious accident to happen? Now is the time to act and to incorporate additional safety measures in the Common so that we can all be safe. Please attend the Annual Town Meeting on Saturday, March 24, starting at 10 a.m. Since Article 9 is related to the Capital items in Article 8, it is expected that Article 9 will be discussed during the morning portion of the meeting. Keep an open mind and make a well-informed vote. Vote YES on Article 9. — Roberta McGuire, Chamberlain Road