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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mingquan Zheng States Four Goals as Newly-Elected School Committee Member


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When the votes were counted on May 1, I was really humbled by your support all across town. Since the local election of last year, I have seen a significant increase in participation from the Asian community who are now willing to contribute to town affairs. Although I was not appointed to the School Committee at that time, I did stress the importance of diversity on the School Committee.

This year, with the help of a hard working committee, I focused on my agenda. My goals are to: 1.) effectively address school safety, 2.) prepare children for a changing economy and a diverse society, 3.) bring schools, students, and parents together to create a healthy and nurturing environment, and 4.) promote diversity and inclusiveness in our school system.

Our team hit the campaign trail knocking on doors, handing out flyers, and meeting and greeting people. We are grateful that our messages resonated with you, the voters of Westford.

It is my sincere desire to strive to connect with all of the community. I promise to listen and to be responsive. I am grateful for your support and I pledge to serve with dedication, respect and transparency.
I want to express my deep respect for Alicia [Mallon], Avery [Adam] and Chris [Sanders] who have served on the School Committee and who have also dedicated themselves to the best for Westford’s children. I look forward to working with the entire School Committee, School Administration and the Westford community for the best education for our children.

Election is only the first step. My real work will now just get started. –Mingquan Zheng, School Committee Member