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Update on Improvements for Intersection of Groton-Oak Hill Roads


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Below Town Engineer Paul Starratt provides an update on the ongoing road work at the intersection of Oak Hill and Groton Roads where Massachusetts Department of Transportation workers are installing a traffic light.

IMPROVEMENTS: The installation of a traffic signal, sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes. The drainage system will also be upgraded.

“Contractors for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation have been waiting for the utility companies to transfer their wires to the new poles so they can remove the old ones. In the meantime, the foundations for the traffic signal poles are being installed this week so that the signals can be installed before the winter season.  The contractor has elected to wait until next year to install the new culvert, so that will not happen this year.
On Wednesday (Aug. 22) and Thursday (Aug. 23) of this week, paving contractors will be grinding part of Groton Road and Oak Hill Road in order to re-shape the pavement for the new sections of roadway.
The goal is to complete the widening and install the new pavement over the next few weeks…”
Starratt reminded motorists to slow down and drive with caution in all work zones.