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Paralyzed from the Neck Down, Ed Dean Recovered and Two Months Later, Walked out of the Hospital


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In 2012 Ed Dean fell off his bicycle twisting his neck and hitting the ground just right to seriously damage his spinal cord. He had no movement in his arms or legs.

After treatment at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, he arrived at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital determined to walk again.

“They told me that at my age and everything, it’d be pretty unlikely I would ever walk or regain very much function,” he said. [Continue below]

But Dean was determined to walk. In his first week at Spaulding a doctor said Dean would be evaluated and he would eventually leave with a plan for his new life.

“That’s really silly, I said. There’s only one plan and it’s that I walk out of here. Why would you set the mark at anything less than full recovery,” Dean said.

For two months, with his wife Amy by his side day and night, Dean worked hard to recover and walked out of the hospital.

These days he spends his days overseeing a charity he created to help educate impoverished children in Tanzania, called Climb for a Child.