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DEI Backs Antonelli’s Response


To the Editor

The recent incident of racist taunting from the Westford student section at a Westford Academy girls basketball game against Wayland High School at Westford Academy last week is upsetting and disturbing to learn about.  

 We strongly condemn such actions, we stand in solidarity with the Wayland High School student who suffered these taunts, and we wholeheartedly support principal James Antonelli and commend him for his swift and appropriate leadership.  

 He said in part:  “Negative or disparaging comments will not be tolerated…I am sincerely hopeful that this message is clear.  Students are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.”

While perhaps surprising to some that Westford students would engage in racist taunting, the incident points out that we must continue to be actively antiracist and that our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work will continue to take place in all of our schools, across all of our town departments, and in our homes.

Principal Antonelli’s response is emblematic of the commitment the town has to DEI and inspires us to recommit to our shared vision of Westford as a community that embraces and celebrates diversity.

Mamatha Jagannathan, Eric Barber-Mingo

Co-chairs, Westford Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee