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COMMENTARY: Inspired by Nature and Sunlight, Artist Paints Every Day; Engages Motorist

On the corner of Concord and Carlisle Roads in Westford sits the nostalgic Parkerville Schoolhouse. This 1880s, one-room schoolhouse has been preserved as an historic site, and has become a favorite field trip destination for Westford third-graders and other visitors

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

WestfordCAT is looking for historic stories like this one for you to share with residents.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ghost of the Confederacy Still Haunts

The Grey Ghosts, the name of the Westford Academy Football team, was also the moniker for one of the Confederate Army’s most prodigious raiders during the civil war. Major John S. Mosby, a cavalry commander under General Robert E. Lee was so elusive, that he was dubbed “the gray ghost”.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trees are Essential Part of Equation

"Cutting down older trees to allow younger ones to grow, or even worse, cutting down older trees to make a field would be taking our climate in exactly the wrong direction."

Smithsonian Coming to Small Towns Around Massachusetts

Museum on Main Street exhibit looks at change in rural America The Smithsonian is coming to small towns in Massachusetts. Through...

WestfordCAT Weekly News: July 2, 2021

This week on WestfordCAT News, WestfordCAT holds its annual meeting on June 23rd; We bring you 10 fun things to do in and around Westford this summer; and Emily Gilstrap, launches her Dream Ballet School.

Eagle Scout Project Will Document History of Scouting.

Hi, My name is Nicholas Anderson and I am a Life Scout of Troop 159. For my Eagle project I am documenting the history of Boy Scouting (now known as Scouts BSA) in Westford for the Westford Museum.

Athletes Support ‘Break the Stigma’ of Mental Health; Awareness Efforts Underway

Westford Academy Varsity and Junior Varsity players, June 3, dedicated their game to mental health awareness and to break the stigma in mental health and raised $700 for St. Vincent de Paul.