LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consequences of Article 15

When we think of corporations, we think of Amazon, Wal-Mart and other businesses with political influence.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote ‘Yes’ on Town Meeting Warrant Article 15

At Westford Town Meeting, on June 12, we will vote on Article 17, Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. If passed, the Town of Westford calls upon the United States Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution establishing 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Covid is Still a Threat to be Taken Seriously.

Although we are all looking forward to creating our own new normal, let us not let our guard down assuming that the worst is behind us.

House Passes Two Pieces of Legislation to Prevent Gun Violence

These bipartisan bills would require universal background checks on all gun purchases and finally close the “Charleston Loophole,” which allows guns to wrongly be sold to violent offenders and domestic abusers.

VERBATIM: Westford Health Director Provides Update on Vaccine Availability

We are going to make an assumption we won't because we have been turned down nearly every single time, we've got to put in the request so we did it anyway.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New Start Times Increase Childcare Costs

Families of K-5 students will pay millions more for after school childcare if WPS moves forward with it’s plan for 4-tier bussing in order to save $440,000 in the FY22 budget. A quick look at the math:

COMMENTARY: Republican Party Members on Wrong Side of History

Once again, too many in the Republican Party are on the wrong side of history. The lights are out in the shining city on the hill.

COMMENTARY: Republican Congresswoman Holds Trump Responsible for Insurrection

 WestfordCAT responds to the insurrection of Jan. 6 when thousands showed up at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. to protest Trump's loss to Biden for the Presidential election.