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Westford Select Board Members Unanimously Condemn Recent Acts of Hate


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Editor’s note: Below is a statement of condemnation by the five-member select board in the aftermath of a hate crime. Unidentified vandals allegedly spray-painted swastikas and the star of David on residential properties.


Over the past several weeks, there have been multiple acts of vandalism involving the spray-painting of anti-Semitic symbols and misogynistic language in Westford and surrounding towns.

The Select Board members are angered and saddened that such hateful acts have occurred in our community. Expressions of hate have no place in Westford and do not reflect our shared values of inclusion, mutual respect and tolerance.

We condemn such acts of hatred in the strongest of terms and remain committed to combating hatred in any form. We urge anyone with information about these acts to contact the Westford Police Department who continue to investigate these incidents as hate crimes. The Westford Police Department may be contacted at 978-692-2161 or the anonymous tip line at 978-399-2072.