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Westford’s Covid-19 Cases are Rising as They are Nationwide


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Video by Patty Stocker

From as low as 2 to now at least 20 – that’s the number of people now confirmed with the Coronavirus in Westford in the last few days according to Westford Health Director, Jeff Stephens. “The Delta variant has clearly made a push within the community”, Stephens said. “It is fairly widespread and it’s not something we can avoid at this point…it is believed to be far more contagious than the original strain but it doesn’t appear to be anymore deadly.”

And the percentage positivity rate is also on the rise in town. “We are seeing a percentage positivity rate of at 2.5% We haven’t seen a number like that since mid-April.” The number of positivity rates is of people who have actually been tested for the virus and are positive, as Stephens explained back in an interview in December. It is not the overall number of people in Westford with the virus.

“People that are not vaccinated are the ones that are getting far more sick and are the ones generally landing in the hospital and having worse complications”, said Stephens. “That’s why it’s really important to get vaccinated. If you haven’t yet, you should get vaccinated. You’ll get less sick; you reduce the risk to yourself and others.”

Pharmacies in town have the vaccine and Stephens urges those who have any concerns or questions about getting vaccinated to call the Westford Health Department at 978-692-5509.

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