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RESULTS: What passed and what failed at the 2023 Annual Town Meeting?


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WESTFORD — WestfordCAT tracked the results of each article at Annual Town Meeting. The official vote count may vary as the Town of Westford certifies the final results.

The consent agenda, including Articles 1, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 22 passed by a majority. Articles 9 and 21 were dismissed.

Article 2 passed by a majority.

Article 3 unanimously approved.

Article 4 unanimously approved.

Article 5

  • First motion: passed by a majority.
  • Second motion: passed 309-76 with 385 total votes.
  • Third motion: dismissed by a majority.
  • Fourth motion: passed 258-112 with 370 total votes.
  • Fifth motion: passed 316-57 with 373 total votes.
  • Sixth motion: passed 329-48 with 377 total votes.

Article 6, which would fund a new town center building at 51 Main St., fails 162-241 with 403 total votes.

Article 7, the Blanchard Middle School Roof Replacement Project, passes 356-38 with 394 total votes.

Article 8

  • First motion: passed by a majority.
  • Second motion: passed by a majority.
  • Third motion: passed 270-46 with 316 total votes.

Article 11, which involves the Town’s operating budget, was unanimously approved.

Article 13 passed 210-3 with 213 votes.

Article 17, which would allow the Select Board to accept easements for the Boston Road Reconstruction Project was unanimously approved.

Article 18, which would change the start time of Annual Town Meeting from 10 a.m. to 9 a.m., passed by a majority.

Article 19 would update the Zoning Bylaw to create a commercial recreation overlay district and to regulate recreation in additional zoning districts.

  • First motion: passed 200-15 with 215 total votes.
  • Second motion: passed 193-17 with 210 votes.

Article 20 saw a motion filed to charge the Select Board and Planning Board to conduct a feasibility study on development along Rt. 40 and update the Town’s Mater Plan. This motion passed by a majority. The item was later referred to the Planning Board under a majority vote.

Article 21 passed 210-3 with 213 total votes.

Article 23, which would ensure the agricultural preservation restriction on Drew Garden is enforced, passes by a majority vote. This article was amended to remove references to a $20,000 line item for legal expenses.

Article 24 passed by a two-thirds vote.

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