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Welcome to The Skinnyschool!


As part of our developing tradition here on the Westford Template, each new advertiser gets a welcome on board and this welcome goes out to the Skinnyschool near the corner of Littleton and Powers roads!

Maria Pasquale Marques is the founder and guru of the Skinnyschool and not only does

Turn here!
Turn here!

she have certifications and degrees from the National Personal Training Institute and the Training and Wellness Commission, but she’s probably also one of the most positive people on Earth.

If you need a personal fitness studio that’s run by a really happy and supportive person who will teach you about how personal fitness and nutrition go together, Maria is your gal.

Just head down to her studio, it’s in the second building of the Gateway Plaza (right there near Belle’s Bistro).

We’ll be heading back later this month, the Skinnyschool is not just a fitness studio, but will also be hosting some events, such as Ladies’ Night on Sept. 4!

Maria from the Skinnyschool!
Maria from the Skinnyschool!

For more on the Skinny School, head to www.myskinnyschool.com

To advertise with the Template like the Skinny School, e-mail publisher Andrew Sylvia at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com


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