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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Town-wide Litter Cleanup Day is May 4


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Westford needs a little TLC.

Fortunately, Saturday May 4 is the annual TLC: Town-wide Litter Cleanup.

We write to ask you and your family to set aside just half an hour in the coming week to help.

You can form a team and show up at Roudenbush Community Center between 7:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Saturday, May 4.

Or you can just walk out your front door and wander down the street, collecting all the paper, cans and bottles that have gathered along our roadsides over the winter.

Another thought. Much of this litter has blown out of residents’ recycling bins. The Recycling Commission sells 64 gallon recycling toters that have lids. The price is $50 (going up to $55 on July 1) and the. toters are always in stock. Make checks payable to Westford Recycling Commission. They can be mailed to the Town Hall at 55 Main Street.

If all households use toters, the blowage would be a lot, lot less.

This spring, Westford seems to be more beautiful than ever. At Hill Orchard, the pear trees and peach trees are in full bloom. Weeping cherries and magnolias are spectacular. The grass has never been greener.

All that is marring the landscape is the litter and we can fix that.

Please help.

Thank you. –Mary Lovely and Ellen Harde, Westford, Massachusetts