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State Awards Roudenbush $17.5K Grant for Children’s Center at Nab


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Roudenbush Community Center has received a $17,500 grant from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). These funds will support the Roudenbush Children’s Center at Nab. The center will purchase new kitchen sets for dramatic play, new chairs for all classrooms and a variety of multicultural goods to enhance diversity within each classroom.

“We are certified at Level 2 of QRIS, allowing us to apply for the QRIS Durable Goods Grant. We will be working diligently on continuous quality improvement and the opportunities this will afford” explains April Lanciani, Senior Director of Childcare.

Executive Director Michele Sullivan added “The MA QRIS supports programs with a clear career ladder, financial incentives, professional development, and technical assistance. It’s a key tool that helps families, communities, and policymakers understand what makes a high quality program.”