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Scientists Meet the Challenge


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Westford Climate Action’s event  “Meeting the Climate Challenge: The View from an MIT Observatory”, drew a larger than expected crowd of online viewers Thursday night. The free Climate Seminar was hosted by professional staff from MIT Haystack Observatory including Dr. Colin Lonsdale, radio astronomer and Haystack’s director, presented general information about the Observatory’s work and climate change science.

Much to the awe and delight of the 177 viewers who logged in to the event, the scientists discussed the looming threat of climate change, using polar activity as reference points. Dr. Pedro Elosegui, leader of the geodesy team at Haystack, talked about his Haystack polar geodetic research, which includes global climate and sea-level change. His current efforts are focused on measuring the flow, drift and deformation of the cryosphere and various forms of ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic systems.

The Q & A featured more excitement as about 20 people called in from around New England to get answers on everything from carbon footprints, fission along with natural gas  and methane, which contributes to about 20 percent of the global warming problem.

According to the scientists: We need to do a combination of clean energy sources to bend the carbon-generation curve down instead of up. The political will needs to be there to pressure industries to get on board with the solutions, said spokesperson Emily Teller.

MIT Haystack Observatory is a radio science research laboratory based in Westford, Massachusetts, whose mission includes the advancement of scientific knowledge of our planet and its atmosphere.

This seminar was co-sponsored by the Westford Clean Energy and Sustainability Committee, and the League of Women Voters of Westford. WestfordClimateAction.org www.haystack.mit.edu



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