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Westford Sustainability Newsletter – February 2023


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WESTFORD — The following newsletter was shared for publication with WestfordCAT on behalf of Westford’s Sustainability Coordinator, Sue Thomas.

VOTE! Come to Town Meeting – March 25th at 10:00 AM

There are many important decisions on the warrant from new construction to land use. 

The Groundhog is wrong, spring is at least 3 weeks early this year!

It isn’t your imagination.  Westford’s wild weather swings this year are unusual, and you aren’t alone if your spring flowers are blooming, or you have noticed that wildlife seem unusually frisky for February.  The entire East Coast is experiencing an early spring.  See the resources at the bottom of this page to formulate your decarbonization plan, or contact me.

Thinking about new construction?

The new stretch energy code in force in Westford includes a Passive House path for all structures.  Learn more about the code and how homes are already staying warm, even without furnaces, north of us, in Maine.

Ready to learn how you can decarbonize your home?

Attend the Zero Carbon Home Webinar, and read this case study by a Westford resident and consult the resources listed at the bottom of this article.

Curious about Lithium? Learn more about domestic production here.

This new Washington Post column is a great one to follow.  After reading it, check out the activities going on right here in Westford.

Thinking about your health during heart month?

Plan to plant a tree or two.  This article relates how a U.S. Forest Service Study shows people who live with or near tree canopies live longer, healthier lives.  The Westford Tree and Invasive Species plan will be wrapping up soon and Westford will be looking to more of you to help plant trees!

Planning your spring planting?

This is the time of year, usually as snow blankets our yards, that gardeners get busy planning and seed starting.  It is also a great time to reconsider your lawn and your lawn maintenance habits.  Check out some classes and preorder plants from the Native Plant Trust, supplement your home compost with  Westford Community Compost produced from food waste at Westford Academy, and consider local producers of organic seedlings, or seeds from organic, heritage breeds (to diversify the food supply and your yields) or seed savers, both wild and domesticated.  

Resources for reducing your carbon footprint in 2023

Home: Mass Save,, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Westford Pop, HeatSmart Alliance

Transportation:  Green Energy Consumers Alliance

Solid Waste (trash, recycling and composting): Westford Recycling Commission, Recycle Smart

Tax Considerations: IRS .Incentives and tax credits are usually “stackable” meaning you can claim them all, and generally people are eligible for greater discounts in lower income brackets, as the most recent legislation at both the federal and state levels places a priority on equity.  

General Westford Resources: Westford’s Climate Roadmap ,Clean Energy and Sustainability website, Sustainability , Westford Climate Action

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