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Template’s Andrew Sylvia Named As News Director at Westford CAT




It’s been nearly four months since I’ve started the Westford Template and over three years since I came to Westford. Now, I have another new venture I’m set to partake here in town.

andrewsylviaheadshotThis month I am coming on board in a part-time role as the News Director at Westford Community Access Television, better known as Westford CAT.

During my time in Westford, I’ve used Westford CAT frequently as a resource, and I know their goal is to serve as an informational resource for everyone in Westford, both in terms of their programming as well as educational efforts they have to teach people how to make and produce videos.

I hope I can help Westford CAT’s efforts in helping inform Westford in this new role with an upcoming news program and continue to help bring you news here on the Template.

That’s right, Westford! You’ve now got me for the foreseeable future, and nothing could make me happier.

You can find more information about Westford CAT at westfordcat.org.


Andrew Sylvia

Editor/Publisher – Westford Template


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