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Hunting Policy? Yes. Drew Gardens Purchase? No. Acton Road Sidewalk? A Bit Of Both…


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Here’s a quick roundup of the highlights Oct. 14, 2014 Westford Board of Selectmen meeting.

We’ll have links to more detailed transcripts of the meeting on Oct. 15, and video of the meeting is available at westfordcat.org

Proposed Sidewalk on Acton Road Meets Neighbor Opposition

Some neighbors along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail proposed a potential 600 foot sidewalk along Acton Road near Vose Hill Road. However, other neighbors cited concerns ranging from tax rates to renewed fears of parking along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail to letters sent by the town with incorrect dates for tonight’s meeting.

Kelly Ross on Oct. 14
Kelly Ross on Oct. 14

Selectmen agreed that the sidewalk would likely be a good idea for the area, but that more transparency would be needed before a recommendation could be given to start the process of looking at whether a sidewalk should be at that location.

Hunting Policy on Selectmen-Owned Land Approved

After almost a year of deliberation, the Board of Selectmen approved a policy for bow hunting on Selectmen-owned land that limits hunting seasons, how many hunters will be allowed, and other prohibitions.

However, several residents still disagreed with any hunting on Selectmen-owned land for various reasons relating to safety.

Selectmen Opt Not To Recommend Purchase of Former Drew Gardens Property

Earlier this year, the Selectmen were given the task of whether to exercise the right of first refusal on the former Drew Gardens property after a Woburn businessman offered to purchase it for $735,000.

A task force built to look at whether the property should be purchased by the town recommended it shouldn’t after it was discovered bonding would be needed, issues with the property’s agricultural restriction if the property was purchased and whether the proposed purchase was actually just an attempt to get the town to buy it in the first place.



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