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ADOPTABLE PET: Lowell Humane Society on Mission to Find Burma a Home


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Video by Patty Stocker

Four month old Burma is what the Lowell Humane Society describes as a “spirit” kitten – a cat that has had little to no contact with humans which makes her extremely nervous and shy with new people and new environments. Burma was found in an outdoor colony with about 15 other cats, nine of which were feral adults that were re-released, however Burma was one of the younger in the colony, and the staff at the Humane Society saw the potential for Burma to be a wonderful pet.

“Burma is learning to be a house cat,” said the shelter’s Marketing and Fundraising Director, Crystal Arnott. “Her ideal family would have another social cat; she loves other cats so much that she absolutely needs to have a very social, friendly cat to live with and kind of teach her the ways of being a house cat. That would be her most successful home – if she has a cat that she can befriend and follow around and learn that people aren’t quite so scary.”

Once Burma feels comfortable and safe, she is content to sit on one’s lap, but a potential adopter will need to be patient with her, said Arnott.

Burma is available now for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society.

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