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Westford Willows Season Ends With Loss To Sixers


The Westford Willows can say they didn’t end their 2014 season in last place, but unfortunately that’s about all they can now claim.

Westford’s entry in the Central New England Baseball Association was defeated two games to one in their series against the Clinton 76ers, concluding their campaign until next year.

Westford Willows hat.
Westford Willows hat.

A poor first half of the season was exasperated by a 3-7 July record, leaving them just above the Worcester Pirates in the league basement with a regular season record of 13-21-1.

The Willows were able to post a 3-1 victory over the Pirates in a play-in game at Westford Academy on Saturday, followed by a 3-2 win the next day on the road against Clinton on Sunday in Clinton in the first game of their playoff series.

However, the 76ers bounce back, posting a 6-4 win against Westford at Westford Academy on Monday before eliminating them completely with a 1-0 win in Framingham on Tuesday.

This year’s team, a collection of college all-stars from around New England honing their skills following the collegiate season, featured Westford high school stand outs Will Alden, Zach Robins, Matt Simeone, Alex Cloutier, Ryan Thompson and Connor Murphy.



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