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School Committee Discusses Fee Increases, Praise for Cheerleaders, WA Football Field Improvements


Here’s our summary from the Dec. 15, 2014 Westford School Committee meeting. More detailed summaries are coming on Tuesday. A full video of the meeting will be on westfordcat.org later this week.

Cheerleaders, Nashoba Tech Praised

The meeting began with approval for funding a trip to Orlando for Westford Academy’s Dual County champion cheerleaders as well as praise for Nashoba Valley Technical High School, with School Committee member David Keele encouraging what he sees as a strong partnership between Nashoba Tech and Westford’s public schools.

David Keele on Dec. 15
David Keele on Dec. 15

Study For Westford Academy Football Field Bathrooms Approved

Renovation of some doors and windows at the Robinson School and the Day School are set to begin according to members of the Permanent Town Building Committee.

There was also talk about construction of new visitors’ bleachers at the Westford Academy football field as well as a study for new bathrooms, now mandatory with new home bleachers constructed recently.

A total of $20,000 for that study was approved unanimously.

Fees For Westford Student Athletes May Increase By $50

Budget discussions continued in advance of Town Meeting this spring, with overviews on various budget sections including some sections regarding salaries that were intentionally underfunded and overfunded due to difficulties in projecting staff turnover.

Later, discussion went to recommended fee increases for student athletes to help keep up with costs associated with athletic programs.

Caps were discussed for families with multi-sport athletes or multiple athletes, although it was noted that lower fees for some could require higher fees for others.