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Westford Man Receives Governor’s Pardon


The term of Governor Patrick is coming to an end, and in case you missed it, one of the four pardons he approved was to a Westford man.

Massachusetts State SealGuy James Coraccio, now 64, was charged with a felony when riding in the back seat of a car with some friends when those friends jumped out of the car and stole a door from another car.

Coraccio also had several other minor offenses between the age of 14 to 21, which in addition to the felony, prevented him from obtaining a firearms license renewal in 2008.

Prior to the license renewal request, Coraccio was a competitive target shooter for over 30 years.

Patrick’s pardon requests for Coraccio and Jeffrey Snyder of Sheffield were unanimously approved by the Governor’s Council on Dec. 17.

The council also voted 6-2 to commute the seven year sentence of Brockton resident Deanne Hamilton, who was convicted of cocaine possession with an intent to distribute within a school zone.

Requests from Patrick for the pardons of two other men, Thomas Schoolcraft and True-See Allah, are still pending.

More information on the four pardons and commutation are available in the Boston Globe.