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QUICK QUOTE: Hate Crime ‘Appalls’ Select Board Member Scott Hazelton


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Select Board Chair Andrea Peraner-Sweet (right) and Select Board member Scott Hazelton. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

Editor’s Note: Select Board members met on Aug. 4 to vote on a statement condemning those responsible for spray-painting symbols of hate on residential properties in three Westford neigborhoods. The statement was unanimously approved. Below is a quote by Select Board member Scott Hazelton on how “appalling” the hate crime was. Here’s more from Hazelton:

“…First, I never thought I’d see the day when I (would) have to do this in Westford (condemn a hate crime). This is appalling and I’m glad we’re doing this statement…As I observed with George Floyd, we don’t have a single problem with race. We have a problem with hatred…”  — Scott Hazelton, Select Board member.