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Fashion Truck Celebrates Its First Anniversary Off Wheels in Westford


It’s been a part of the scene at Inman Square for years, and the Fashion Truck recently celebrated the first anniversary of its home without wheels on Main Street here in Westford.

Emily Benson (left) talks fashion with Julie Richardson
Emily Benson (left) talks fashion with Julie Richardson

The renowned boutique is run by Westford native Emily Benson, who splits her time between her store’s stationary location right off the Town Common and a mobile location in Boston that lent itself to her brand.

“I’m super excited to be a part of the Westford community, it’s been awesome it’s been so well received and to have such a great customer base over a year is very exciting,” said Benson.

She says her Westford location has brought a more relaxed atmosphere for customers, although the two halves of her business appear to be in place for the foreseeable future.

“I really think it has to be both. The Fashion Truck is really what made me famous, so to give it up would be kind of silly,” she says. “And the truck is so fun. I like it and it gives me the option to move around and try new places and discover new markets, but having a brick and mortar is nice. I have heat, I have a bathroom, I get to just flick on the lights: there are definitely benefits.”

The anniversary event drew a crowd of fans from around the area, including Julie Richardson of Newport, RI.

“Newport is classy, but this place is chic. Eclectic, but logical. Pioneering. Brilliant,” said Richardson. “I like to come down here as much as I can.”

More information on the Fashion Truck is available at fashiontruck.com

Disclaimer: the Fashion Truck has been an advertiser with the Westford Template.