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Carlisle Road Woman Gets 100 E-Mails From Company In A Day, Calls Police


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The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department.

April 15, 7:20 a.m. – Police were dispatched to Carlisle Road to respond to reports of telephone harassment.

Upon arrival, the officer learned that the Carlisle Road resident had been receiving numerous phone calls and e-mails from a request on Franchising.com seeking that she invest.

She said she never submitted a request, but she had gotten close to 100 e-mails on that day alone.

The resident also talked to an individual at the website, but said the e-mails could not be stopped due to an issue with their database.

Police investigated the matter further to discover that the e-mails were coming from a proxy IP address in Luxembourg.  The e-mails stopped later that day.

April 15, 7:35 p.m. – One resident on Acton Road called police to report a blue Ford Mustang that drove very fast by her house every night between 7 and 8 p.m.

The car always contains two men and they generally travel eastbound. The car was driving too fast for her to get license plate numbers.

Despite an investigation of the area, the car could not be found.

April 16, 3:42 p.m. – While on patrol, an officer was dispatched to the corner of Concord Road and Hildreth Street after reports of a car crashing into a utility pole.

The car, a blue Honda CRV, was positioned south next to the northbound lane of Concord Road.

The car has sustained significant damage to its front section.  The utility pole had also snapped its base and had been moved by approximately two feet.

Although the driver of the car did not appear intoxicated, he said that he may have fell asleep at the wheel and was travelling approximately 30 miles per hour on his way back to his house in Groton.

He was not injured, but he indicated he may have been fatigued from a difficult workout a few hours earlier.

The driver was issued a citation and the car was towed.

April 16, 4:01 p.m. – Near the intersection of Depot, Groton and Tyngsboro roads, an officer saw an erratically driven vehicle and began to follow it.

The car, a red 2010 Hummer, turned onto Depot Street. The officer followed the Hummer until the corner of Depot Street and Coldspring Road, at which point he turned on his emergency lights and stopped the vehicle on Crest Drive.

The woman driving the car was not from the area and said she was trying to get from the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua to a doctor’s office on Littleton Road. She apologized for her erratic driving. There were no signs of impairment in the driver according to the officer’s report.

No citation was given.

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